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We are a startup company that was constituted in Kenya in 2019. Our key objectives are providing small and middle income farmers with business modeling services for their farms and turning their farms to successful business entities. Interacting with farmers has exposed to us the huge technology gaps in the industry in Kenya and as part of boosting Agriculture in the region we are turning farms to profitable businesses. We are exploring the technology gap and are introducing innovative technologies to fit the local farmers.

Today farmers in developing countries produce for unassured markets. With 90% of farmers taking their produce to open air markets and consumers have to meet them there. This model of selling is not only getting outdated but also exposes farmers to losses which can be directly attributed to price fluctuations, quality and quantity depreciation and other avoidable additional costs.
Contract farming gives farmers an opportunity to meet their buyers before they produce which exposes them to possible markets leading to informed decisions..

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To explore and introduce innovative technologies in Agriculture especially at crop production and logistics through procedural monitoring and evaluation of processes and turning the African food chain to profitable businesses.


Feeding the ever growing world population sustainably using results- based frame works and technologies while maintaining simplicity and affordability

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