Plusfarm Kenya

About Us

Plusfarm is led by a diverse, youthful, and dynamic team with a shared history from college through various agriculture projects. With a shared mission of empowering farmers through expert day-to-day farm management support and enabling youth participation in agriculture. Our ever growing team is rooted in passion and experience.

Plusfarm Champions 2023

Leveraging our nationwide network of experts, robust research, and data analysis, we provide farm intelligence, management services, business modeling, and extension. Our goal is to transform every farm into a thriving business and every farmer into a successful entrepreneur. Join us for comprehensive agricultural solutions.

"We are constantly designing sustainable agri- solutions for profits, people and planet with farmers at the core of our Innovation Process"
Stephen Mwongela
CEO, Plusfarm Kenya

Our innovative approach transforms traditional, slow, and expensive face-to-face support into efficient, affordable, and timely services, ensuring widespread accessibility. We seamlessly blend on-farm assistance with cutting-edge technology, delivering optimal commercial farm management services. Through tailored consultancy rooted in agricultural economics, we formulate specific processes for client farms, covering everything from farm input procurement to stock management, staff training, and labor payment models. Join Plusfarm Kenya for a groundbreaking 

The Team

Stephen Mwongela - C.E.O, Business Development Lead
Calvin Olugae - Technical Lead
Tonny Limo
Tonny Limo- Head of Operations
Cynthia Kimeu - Head of Finance
Samuel Kipkemboi - Lead Agronomist
Babra Kela - Accountant

Advisory Board Members

Thomas Putter
Lunah Njeri
Lunah Njeri

To Design, Develop and Introduce innovative technologies in Agriculture especially at crop production and logistics through procedural monitoring and evaluation of processes and turning the African food chain to profitable businesses

Feeding the ever growing world population sustainably using results- based frameworks and technologies while maintaining simplicity and affordability.


Winner: Leadership Access.

Jenga Gender Uomoke Competition

Innovative Solutions that empower Women and young girls in Rural Communities.

Year: 2022

2nd Runners UP

YouthDirect na Agribiz Competition

Plusfarm Agribusiness Management System (PAMS), a web- based app for use by farmers and farmer group for E-Extension and Farm record keeping.

Year: 2021.

Top 500 Startups.

GoGettaz Agriprenuer Prize

Using technology in Agriculture to profile farms and farmers, offer E-Extension services and tailored-specific weather data.

Year: 2020.