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The Eldoret Food Traceability and Markets Project (EFTM).

The Eldoret Food Traceability and Markets Project is a pilot project carried out by Plusfarm and Assentian that seeks to improve food traceability, market access, and provide insights on the local food systems for enhanced support service delivery in Eldoret, Kenya.

Plusfarm Kenya thrives in providing agricultural services through modern skills and technologies. A leader in integrating technology in Agriculture within the north rift region. We are constantly developing innovative solutions for and with farmers at the core of our innovation process. 

In the daily activities of seeking produce markets for our farmers, we experience how broken communication between food producers and markets is, through this project we seek to understand all stakeholders in order to help in building locally strong, effective and sustainable  agricultural ecosystems in an equitable manner for all.


Project objectives

With the EFTM Project, we aim to;

  • Understand the various local farming practices, identify top value chains being practised, produce diversification, buying and consumer trends in the region.
  • Determine use of digital tools across the agribusiness value chain locally.
  • Establish reliable distribution channels for farm produce.
  • Get farmer feedback on crops and income margins
  • Link farmers with markets and produce buyers as well as food quality and safety concerns
  • Identify stages at which leakages of food occur in the value chain.
  • Enhance the use of digital tools in Agriculture
  • Prepare the local community on GAP standards and traceability systems, improving supply visibility and decision-making across the entire value chain.

The EFTM project seeks to bring onboard various sector players across the local food value chain as part of intergrating food traceability concepts. They include;

1. Seed Propagators

2. Farmers.

3. Agronomists

3. Retailers and Produce Buyers

4. Food Logistics, Packaging, Processors and Value Addition

6. Consumers.

Eldoret Food and Markets Traceability Project
Eldoret Food and Markets Traceability Project
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