Plusfarm Kenya

Farm Management as a Service

This solution is tailored to streamline every aspect of your agricultural operations. Our dedicated team of experts meticulously oversees crop planning, monitoring, and maintenance to optimize yields and profitability for farmers. By leveraging advanced technologies and industry best practices, we ensure efficient resource allocation and timely interventions to enhance crop health and productivity. 
From soil preparation to harvesting, our holistic approach covers all aspects of farm management, allowing farmers to focus on strategic decision-making while we handle the intricacies of day-to-day operations. With this service, farmers can rest assured that their farms are in capable hands, leading to improved efficiency, increased profitability, and sustainable agricultural practices.


Plusfarm’s Agri-Infrastructure service offers tailor-made solutions for farmers seeking to enhance their agricultural operations. Our expertise lies in designing and constructing customized agricultural infrastructure, including greenhouses and irrigation systems. 
These solutions are meticulously crafted to optimize growing conditions, bolster crop resilience, and maximize resource efficiency, thereby promoting sustainable and profitable farming practices. With Plusfarm, farmers can rely on innovative infrastructure solutions tailored to their unique requirements, ensuring improved productivity and long-term success in agriculture.

Farmer Capacity Building

Plusfarm is committed to empowering farmers with the knowledge, and skills needed to succeed in modern agriculture. Through customized training programs, technology integration, and workshops, we equip farmers with the latest agricultural practices, technological advancements, and business management strategies to enhance productivity and profitability. We are constantly innovation to improve farmer training effectiveness and eventual impact. 

Agri- Project Delivery Partner 

As a company, we have a particular interest in and passion for projects with impact and sustainability objectives for small-scale farmers. As an agri-project delivery partner, we specialize in implementing impactful and sustainable projects for partners and small-scale farmers. With a focus on enhancing agricultural productivity and promoting sustainability, we leverage our expertise and passion to drive positive change in farming communities.
Agricultural Consulting
As a company, we are building ourselves to be the go-to partner for rural development projects in agriculture, not just in Kenya, but the rest of Africa as well, leaving a track record of impact and sustainability everywhere we go.
African agriculture is rural, and so are we!
Agri-Jobs Placement: 
We facilitate training programs and job placements for agricultural professionals, connecting skilled individuals with employment opportunities in the agricultural sector. Our network of partners and industry connections enables us to match qualified candidates with rewarding positions, contributing to the growth and development of the agricultural workforce.

New~Plusfarm Finance

Today, more than ever, farmers need to adapt to the changing factors such as climate change. Relying on rain-fed agriculture is no longer tenable, thus the need for farmers to invest in farm infrastructure such as greenhouses, groundwater, water tanks, machines and human resources. These new investments require ‘patience’ financing.

 Through credit-scoring farmers based on their farm’s performance as recorded on PAMS over several seasons, we will recommend, guarantee, or offer financing to them. This support will be in form of inputs, machinery, support services or access to markets.

The future of Agriculture is in efficiency and high productivity, how else are we going to feed the projected 9.7 billion people globally by 2050?

 Our collective ambition is to be a leader in the new world of food in Africa, we know that agritech, agricoldchain, agrifinance and agrimarkets will be the most important subsectors going into the new phase of agriculltural revolution. We are positioning ourselves to be market leaders as well as thought leaders in these spaces by the year 2025.