Farm Management as a Service

We offer project-specific farm management services, including agronomy support, sourcing and training farm workers, as well as marketing ready produce to buyers. Our clients benefit from unbiased, real-time Agronomy services, through both on-site and use of online digital platforms.

Linkages to both skilled and Unskilled Labour

We keep a database of skilled young men and women ready to work on your farm part-time or full time. We have committed to provide and enable job opportunities to our willing-to-work youth. 

Individual and Grouped Farmer Trainings

To transition our agriculture sector to a future-proof and resilient one, to achieve this we use modern and proven methods such as demo farms, video and digital mobile training methods to enable knowledge transfer. We support farmer groups and development partners, reach and train their farmers with efficiency and effectiveness.

Agri- Project Delivery Partner 

We have extensive experience delivering training and capacity building projects for development partners to target groups with a high level of achievements. As a company, we put our extensive database of farmers in use for project benefits. As a team, we have a particular interest and passion for projects with impact and sustainability objectives.

As a company, we are building ourselves to be the go-to partner for rural development projects in Agriculture not just in Kenya, but the rest of Africa as well, leaving a track record of impact and sustainability everywhere we go.

African Agriculture is rural, so are we!


New~Plusfarm Finance

Today, more than ever, farmers need to adapt to the changing factors such as climate change. Relying on rain-fed agriculture is no longer tenable, thus the need for farmers to invest in farm infrastructure such as greenhouses, groundwater, water tanks, machines and human resources. These new investments require ‘patience’ financing.

We are inviting investors to work with us in supporting our promising agricultural projects through much needed capital. In this partnership, external investors will invest money on projects on the advice of Plusfarm. Plusfarm will then manage the projects and use of funds on a deferred payment agreement and seek market partners to sell produce to. After harvest, revenues will be shared in the ration of contributions by all partners involved. We believe this partnership approach de-risks a usually risky business to acceptable levels of risk for all.

 Through credit-scoring farmers based on their farm’s performance as recorded on PAMS over several seasons, we will recommend, guarantee, or offer financing to them. This support will be in form of inputs, machinery, support services or access to markets.

The future of Agriculture is in efficiency and high productivity, how else are we going to feed the projected 9.7 billion people globally by 2050?

 Our collective ambition is to be a leader in the new world of food in Africa, we know that agritech, agricoldchain, agrifinance and agrimarkets will be the most important subsectors going into the new phase of agriculltural revolution. We are positioning ourselves to be market leaders as well as thought leaders in these spaces by the year 2025.