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Plusfarm is the leading agribusiness consulting company in Kenya and East Africa. We provide expert guidance to rural, urban, and diaspora-based farm owners. Specializing in efficient project management for commercially focused farmers, we integrate cutting-edge agricultural technology with a client-centric approach, empowering farmers to thrive. Our innovative agri-tech consultancy solutions are tailored to your needs, revolutionizing the agricultural landscape in Kenya. Join us to unlock your agribusiness potential and cultivate success with Plusfarm, where expertise meets innovation.

Benefit from our extensive network of agronomists and extension agents who are seamlessly integrated with state-of-the-art digital farm management platforms. Plusfarm delivers real-time agronomic and business management services to remote regions, ensuring farmers stay connected and informed. Rooted in the core values of profitability, reduced risk exposure, sustainability, and efficiency, our agribusiness management services redefine success. Experience the transformative synergy of technology and expertise with Plusfarm, from simple farming and farmer training to complex food traceability systems, we do it all.

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Thanks to Plusfarm, I can offer my consultancy services to several farmers in the Western Kenya region at a go. Their digital tools link me up with new clients and allow me to report on progress as it happens.
Plusfarm Kenya helps us at Aballa Farm better manage our farm resources for maximum output and constantly advises on best agronomic and business practices. The bi-weekly reports keep us up to date even when we aren’t at the farm.
Aballa Farm
Our open field tomato farming this year has been a success due to Plusfarm’s agronomic support. Their dedication and commitment to our projects has been a breath of fresh air. We look forward to partnering in more projects this new year.
Chairman, Meka Prime Sacco

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